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Calling Golang functions from Haskell

Calling C from Haskell is easy. Calling Golang from C is easy too. Then why should calling Golang from Haskell be tough? Yet, I could not find a single document / blog on this topic. While doing this, I also explored the possibility domain of library linking in Haskell.

My latest project (in Haskell) required a cryptographic protocol (Verifiable Random Function), whose implementation I could only find in Golang and C. The Golang ones seemed better maintained, self-contained, and understandable. So, I took the easy way out, and wrote a binary using that source code, allowing me to call the binary from Haskell (taking care to marshall the input and output binary data as base64 strings). Of course, this was ugly, and I got a (mostly) satisfying solution working, which did not have to launch a separate process for this simple task....

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Exploring Dynamic and Static linking